Unlock Train Escape Game

Unlock Train Escape

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You were only able to ride the train for short distances. The longest you've been on a train was for almost two hours. You were in Hong Kong back then. Your group rode on a train to a province of China. Since you have motion sickness, and there was not enough seats, you stood all the way. It's more fun for you this way. You get to find ways of balancing yourself on the train. You also get to look at the two windows on both sides of the train. However, you can't deny the fact that your feet were starting to feel the pressure. There were some interesting stops like the one on a school. You really wonder what's inside but you have to know some other time. It was such a fun train ride even when you're standing up. You wish to ride more trains.

Now on your Europe trip, you get to ride another one. It has a different feel than the ones in Hong Kong. But every traveling moment is worth experiencing. However, if you only knew what's waiting for you on the train. The train ride was fine for the first few minutes until something strange happened. Play Unlock Train Escape room escape game by Eight Games.

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