Unlimited Luxury Hotel Escape Game

Unlimited Luxury Hotel Escape

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A glamorous fountain greeted you as you stepped out of a car in front of the Luxury Hotel. You always try to keep  your mouth closed as you stepped inside of the hotel. Yellow lights always do the trick. It made the place more sophisticated looking. However, you find it weird that there are not many people going around. Then again, you thought that the people might just be resting in their rooms. They may be out later so you'll just wait for that. So for the time being, you just spend your time roaming around. As you were walking, you saw at the corner of your eyes the decorations moving. But they can't  and shouldn't be. So you shrugged it out thinking you just might be tired. And you continued your walk until you noticed you've been to this part before. Again, you thought you weren't paying attention.

But after that, you still got back to the same location. This was even if you made sure to take a different route. And you're pretty sure there isn't a maze inside the hotel. And that's when you started feeling like you shouldn't be staying here for long. Unlimited Luxury Hotel Escape room escape game by Eight Games will give you the high of exploring a luxury hotel. But the thrill of escaping for freedom.

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