Unknown 2 - 04 Game

Unknown 2 - 04

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This unknown place you find yourself into seemed to be a quarry site. There were huge vehicles and mounds of soil. You somehow couldn't believe someone would actually send you here to find your way out. The last time you met with your superiors was at the beginning of your training. They said they saw so much potential from you. However, they still needed some solid proof that you were really able to do the things they hoped you would. So they prepared this program for you. You hated the virtual reality ones and would gladly step out into the unknown world than to always be dizzy with VRs. It took months for them to prepare the location and the challenges you would be facing. They tried a location on you once but you were able to get out of it in just five minutes. 

It was a good record but they felt like they weren't able to really see your ingenuity. Their latest challenges were really putting your logic and patience to the test. There were a lot of times when you wanted to just quit and return to your normal life. However, they made staying easier than leaving. Play Unknown 2 - 04 outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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