Unknown 2 - 01 Game

Unknown 2 - 01

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You came here not knowing what would appear before you. For almost all your life, you had been this kind of person. You would jump to anything unknown since you liked the thrill of figuring things out on your own. Some people would find this scary and would even choose to avoid it as much as possible. But you found something in life that was worth the risk all the time. So whenever you heard of places not completely explored, you would volunteer yourself to do the exploration. Some of your colleagues would look at you like you were some crazy person. But you just couldn’t mind their opinions about you. You somehow learned to live with it. You did listen to them at some point. Then you found another way around their words. This gave you many chances others would usually let it pass.

There was an abandoned building somewhere and it was needed to be inspected well. You were sent there to look for anything out of the ordinary. If you made it back safely, then the rest of the team could also check the place out and make suggestions on what to do with it. But first you needed to get out. Play Unknown 2 - 01 another room escape game made by First Escape Games.

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