Unique Hotel Escape Game

Unique Hotel Escape

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"Off with his head!" You try to mimic the Red Queen with her accent. You're thinking this must be how people from England speaks and you want to sound like a native. England sounds so posh so you also prepare you outfits base on this thought. You also want to look like a model even if you're just walking on the streets. After securing your luggage, you check out some hotels to stay at. Going to England takes a lot of risks but a whole lot more money. And since you're going to spend a lot, why not spend it on worthy things. So you book a stay at Unique Hotel. Online reviews of the hotel are sky rocketing. And just by looking at the pictures, you're sure to have a wonderful time there. And then the date of your departure is finally here.

As you step out of the airplane, you instantly begin to act like a royalty with your head held high. You walk the paths like you're on a runway. The hotel is totally unique and very classy. It's very spacious as well so going to specific parts is a challenge. Will you even find the places for you to enjoy your stay and leave when the time comes? Unique Hotel is a room escape game by Eight Games.

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