Unique African Village Escape

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Jonathan finally arrives at this African village which was said to be now abandoned! He didn’t want to believe that really and that’s why he went there personally for he had been to the place before a few months ago and it seems to be flourishing with life. He got there after a long travel and he found-out then that they were right, for he was greeted with silence as the houses there made of mud and rock stands quiet.

Jonathan wondered what happened there, maybe some sort of war happened against the tribal groups around the place? Or it could be poachers who kidnaps people for their profit? Jonathan can see no clue of anything there, at least not yet. Maybe he can send in a team to investigate the place just to see what exactly happened. But first that’s if he is able to get out of there though, for he seems lost now in the place. Escape players, ain’t it ridiculous for Jonathan to get lost in a place he had been to at least a couple of times in the past? Well he was never used to this where he was greeted by nothingness and lack of activity which is getting him distraught. Will you help him to get out of there then so he can get help before his emotions gets the better of him?

Unique African Village Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Unique African Village Escape

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