Unicorn Escape (8b Games)

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It is a long story how Nicole here got this mythical creature of hers which was a unicorn! But she had taken good care for it though after a long time in her house and she had kept it away from the prying eyes of the people as best as she can. Even then she still has this thing in her mind that one day her secret will be revealed and from then she will have no way to keep her unicorn a secret no more. She only has to do what she can as best as she can and maybe study the creature while she still has a chance. But that day however one concerning thing happened and that only made Nicole worry very much for her unusual pet.

Nicole just realized that her unicorn is now trapped in a room for the doors would not open for her anymore! The door is definitely jammed here for if it isn’t then it should open-up for her, but she is going to try and find the key for it though just to see if it would work first. Escape players, Nicole here needs help and she is getting worried for her unicorn here. Will you be able to help so that this problem will be solved quickly?

Unicorn Escape is a brand new point and click indoor animal rescue escape game from 8b Games.