Underwater World Mermaid Rescue Game

Underwater World Mermaid Rescue

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There was a specific beach that you always frequent during your summer vacation. It was a non-commercial beach but it still had the beauty of the commercial ones. You knew the owners of the place. They were both divers and you met them after washing ashore in their beach. You were on a sea adventure once when you were caught in the storm. You fought hard to control the vessel you were on. But the sea was so rough and the waves were pounding on you in every direction. A few minutes more and the storm subsided. You were so tired from trying to stay alive that you passed out on the remaining floating part of your vessel. You opened your eyes to the bright white sand of a beach. The divers were at first weary with your presence. But after a few minutes, they seemed to have understood.

They let you stay with them until you were able to return home. But they invite you stay with them during your vacation and you never missed a year. Then they decided to show you a whole new underwater world where mermaids exist. Play Underwater World Mermaid Rescue outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.


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