Underwater Treasure Game

Underwater Treasure

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Your yacht had been on the dock for almost a month now. So you decided to take it out to sea. You asked your captain to stop in the middle of the sea. You wanted to feel the gentle rocking from the waves of the sea. All you could hear was the waves hitting the side of your yacht. Then you heard a song from somewhere. You don't know the name of the song but it was striking your heartstrings. You badly wanted to know where the song was coming from that you looked out at the side of your boat. That was when you saw a huge fish tail. But it wasn't like any fish tail you'd seen. It gave you an unfamiliar feeling then you fell off of your boat. You panicked for a while then you realized you could breathe underwater.

You followed the song until you saw a siren. She looked so sad and the song was a way for her to ease her sadness. You couldn't help but ask what's wrong. And that was when she told you of her worries. Your air could only last as long as she had patience in waiting for you to find her key. Play Underwater Treasure outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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