Underwater King Crab Rescue Game

Underwater King Crab Rescue

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You were not a big fan of crabs. You would usually choose other seafood than crabs. Mostly because you found it hard to crack the shell and it was a bit messy to eat. However, your taste changed when you ate a crab cake cooked perfectly. It wasn't all crabs but the flavor was just heavenly that you bought another stick until you were full. Since then, you couldn't get enough of the creature. You would always find a way to eat some of it. Then you saw a famous celebrity eating a king crab. He looked like he was totally enjoying his food. Your mouth automatically watered when the crustacean was shown on the screen. And you decided to visit the place where crustaceans abound. Your friends accompanied your crazy search for crabs. You found yourselves staying at a beach house.

You could hear the waves on the shore and the breeze from the sea. Your guide promised to take you to a part of the sea to see some crabs. The next day came and you all went underwater. The fishes and other sea creatures amazed you. But a king crab inside a cage was just unacceptable. Play Underwater King Crab Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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