Underwater Creatures Escape

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The underwater people or in accuracy, Mer-people are already building their underwater houses in a part of the ocean and they are starting to do it without being scared. That’s all thanks to the new laws of the sea and the Mer-peoples’ first ever reveal to humans that they forged protection for them. But not all adheres to such however, there are some people who wanted something to gain from this, and now they are starting to take some things from the underwater people in their residence!

As a ranger assigned in the area, Ian is concerned, for if they are starting to collect things in the place, then it is not farfetched that they will slowly collect some other things in the place, like individual Mer-people! That will cause some great problems in the end and so that day when Ian went on his daily dives, he realized that once again somebody had set something there and they even managed to get some stuff through their traps! Now this is not good, of course Ian is left to clean-up there so escape players, will you help-out on this underwater retrieval and potential rescue?

Underwater Creatures Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.