Underground Mine Escape Game

Underground Mine Escape

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Underground Mine Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game released by Ekey Games. Have Fun on another escape adventure here from a dark place!

The underground mine is a failed project but even then, the people in the before time had harvested some minerals and precious gems in there after it finally got abandoned for good. Cole and his friends was actually planning to proceed into the place and they really didn't care that the area is a private property and is strict against trespassers. Well they just planned to get passed through the barriers and enter the underground mine and as luck permits them, they actually did get passed and now Cole as well as his friends are now venturing into the tunnels!

Cole was absolutely amazed of what the place is for he thought it's going to be dark there but well, it's actually okay for there are weird lights coming from who knows where, maybe the gems on the walls are really glowing causing the tunnels to lit-up. Cole ventured further and after a while, he came to realize that there was a problem and it in this place, it's definitely not good. Cole just got lost in the tunnels for he had marveled in the tunnels too much and forgot about his friends! This is not good for the tunnels is definitely a place to get lost and there's a chance that one can never see the light of day again. Escape players, care to join in the escape from the tunnels with Cole and see if you can all find the way out? Go ahead then, stay alert as well for you don't know what else is here or what's going to happen next. Good luck on the escape!

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