Underground Cottage

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An underground cottage is a place to be in an underground mission. You are the head of the intelligence unit for an undercover mission. Your mission is to build an underground way for the president. In this way, he can travel safely without exposing himself to the public so much. Terrorists are always planning to do something bad for the president so his safety is the main concern for this project. No one knows about this project so you have to be very careful not to spill it out. Well, in fact, you are really careful. However, some leaks about this project went out of the organization. The terrorists knew about the underground cottage and the underground way. They are now on their way to destroy your underground cottage. And the worse is, you can’t get out of your cottage.

The door is locked and you don’t have the key to open it. Because of this, you have to find another way to escape from the underground cottage. You need to quickly collect items that you can use to unlock the door. Your time is running low so you have to start the escape as soon as possible. Underground Cottage is the newest room escape game by Mirchigames. Best of luck!