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Underground Cemetery

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Try an underground escape adventure here everyone. Underground Cemetery is the newest point and click escape game from Fun Escape Games. Have fun!

Carlos was having an unexpected adventure in the wilderness and along the way, he came across a small passage which was leading somewhere. Because he was down-right curious and has a knack to know what's behind on every mysterious door, Carlos went inside and there he found himself inside some sort of dungeon! It was eerie but nothing could ever stop him from discovering what else he can find there and what this place really is, eventually he actually did found-out but not in a pretty easy way however.

Carlos found a pile of tombs and a slight glimpse of corpses which then gave him the hint that it was actually a catacomb! After finding-out, Carlos got startled and he tried his best to escape, but because it was kind of like a maze in that place, he got lost pretty easily and now he is in the mercy of the scary halls there and that includes the corpses! Escape players, care to try the underground escape game here with Carlos and see if you can find your way out of the underground tombs safely? Enjoy escaping with us then daily.

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  1. Date: August 7, 2019
    Author: b165042407
    It's a trouble when the programmer is not friend with math. The fact of existing several solutions of one problem is beyond the level of understanding of such a programmer. It's a pity. But at first the programmers of Fun Escape Games seemed to me as smart people. [Reply]

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