Underground Apartment Escape Game

Underground Apartment Escape

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The building had undergone some renovations and from then an underground room had become available for rent, only for those who are okay with no windows though. As a person who had nowhere to go back then, Charles had to take what he can get for cheap and for two years now, he is living there in his underground apartment room in peace. It's actually pretty comfortable there and vast, but one day however Charles experienced a problem for the very first-time and for once, he felt a bit constricted!

Charles was about to head-out to buy some groceries but when he tried his door, he couldn't get it to open. Strange, at first he just tried to tinker with it but after almost an hour, it seems to be that it's jammed and would not open at all just by conventional means. Charles somehow felt a little bit enclosed for he focused that he is never getting out from there which is a bad idea! But Charles was able to remain composed and maybe he'll just use brute force to open the door there. Escape players, there has got to be another way to get him out without destroying anything, will you have a way using all that you can find there in the room? Place yourself on Charles situation then and give it your all.

Underground Apartment Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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