Under The Dome Escape

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Brad is working very hard to maintain this biologically active dome here on the surface of an uninhabitable planet. Because of his hard work, things are doing well but the price of that is an exhausted him. Brad faced a lot of problems there that one earth week, more than usual even. But that day something mysterious happened and it’s now all about the air-locks there!

Those all-important steel door hatches are acting-up which was not at all normal, for one of them can fail and make a wrong thing to do there and everything here and all of the hard-work which have been done will all be gone, and that includes him. Brad needs to fix this now, but first he must follow protocol, he needs to get to the main dome so he can make diagnostics and assessments before proceeding. But the problem was this main dome is not accessible also thanks to all these faulty doors. Escape players, Brad is actually alone here for the crew that will accompany him was still in orbit and is scheduled to come down the planet in a few earth days. So will you just help him with this current problem then so he can keep this place thriving?

Under The Dome Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Under The Dome Escape

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