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Undead Survival Escape

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You're a bit confused as to how you got into this place. Everything's in a blur. But the place you are in now doesn't look like it's a safe place to stay to spend a lot of time. So you walk around the house trying to find a clue that can tell you how you got here. Yet instead of seeing clues, you see stuffs that can potentially help you escape. This gives you the idea that you shouldn't really stay here inside. You have to find a way out. It seems like you're alone. However, you can't shake the feeling that someone's watching you. It's strange. But you can't let it distract you. Weird noises are getting louder as you stay longer inside. You won't want to see where it's coming from so do everything you can to get out at the right time.

Then a flash of memory appears in your mind. The last memory you remember is that you are running away from something. And then you hear some moans from somewhere. That's when you realize you're running away from zombies. So act fast before you disappear from the face of the earth. Or you worse you become one of them. Play Undead Survival Escape room escape game by Free Room Escape.

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