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Ultimate Adventure 05

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Escape players, check-out another escape adventure here from an old house. Ultimate Adventure 05 is brand new point and click eerie house escape game released by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and a part of the first game as a starting-point of this series. Have Fun!

Allan was able to escape from his floor at the building and he was just relieved that his problem was over, but there was another situation though and it's more like self-inflicted rather than an accident. Edsel had a huge curiosity of that haunted house in the area which got abandoned for the same reason why it's now being called haunted, but on his adventure into it something is going to happen there and he didn't really expected that to realize.

Edsel expected that he is going to be haunted by the spooks there and a little-bit of getting trapped in the place but really, he got trapped in there for the first thing that turned-up was the doors of the house! Darn, the last thing he wanted to happen and it's now a reality. Escape players, Edsel decided to just do this adventure maybe some other time and maybe with a wing man or two, for this thing is definitely intimidating. Care to join him here and try if you can all escape the spooky house quickly and safely? Good luck then!

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