Ultimate Adventure 01 Game

Ultimate Adventure 01

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Join in this escape adventure here in places around the world. Ultimate Adventure 01 is the newest point and click ancient ruins escape game from 5n Games. Have fun!

Levi went on an adventure deep into the desert for there is an abandoned ancient ruins there and because it is not easy to access thanks to how distant it is and the trail can't be safe always, a few had only been to the place to analyze and to see what the real purpose of the structure is. It's going to be one of the first of Levi's daring adventures here around remarkable places around the world, so for this adventure here, will he be able to find interesting things other than the memories he'll make there as well as the pictures?

Escape players, the ancient stone structure in the vast and dry desert here covers only a little area and part of it is carved on the side of a mountain, but it doesn't mean you won't be able to get lost in there. Care to join in on the ruins adventure here with Erwin and see what secrets you'll uncover? Good luck then everyone, enjoy the 1st ultimate adventure here and look-forward for the sequels!

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