UFO Crash Escape Game

UFO Crash Escape

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Gregory is living in the desert with everything he can find and most importantly that water well there which supplies water to him but even then that won't be permanent. One day, Gregory was on the hunt for wild game but suddenly, a strange sound came from somewhere and a huge boom came after from a point and that knocked Gregory out! After a few minutes, Gregory woke-up and saw that the loud bang which came from nowhere actually came from something which looked like an alien's ship!

Gregory was now seeing a crash-site of something and he thought at first it might be some secret project of the government or something, but what if it isn't and that thing really came from space? Most likely but somehow still unlikely, still Gregory must figure that thing out for it can be something really and because it is very close in his place, there is nothing he can do but to check that out. Escape players, want to join Gregory here on this discovery adventure in the desert? Go ahead then and be careful, for this could turn into an escape pretty quickly!

UFO Crash Escape is another new point and click desert escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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