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Twist Escape 5

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The year is about to end but nothing good is happening in your life. You can't just sit in there and wait for miracles to happen. So, you took the courage to look for the greatest plot twist of your life. You heard that there is a fairy in the forest and you think that she can help you out. So, you went to her and talked about your situation. She is good enough to grant your request but there are some side effects regarding this. The greatest side effect is that no one will remember you, not even your parents. That is not the thing that you wish to sacrifice. You wished that you should've been patient and wait for the plot twist to come naturally but it's too late. On the good note, there is still a chance for you to go back to normal.

You can go back if you can solve all the puzzles in this place. The fairy really has a good heart because she left clues that can help you out. Aside from that, your destiny is on your hands. Play Twist Escape 5 outdoor escape game from NSR Games and use your logic to solve this puzzle. Best of luck!

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