Tv Station Escape Game

Tv Station Escape

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The live TV show had just finished and everyone already left the room, as the last person there Jeff must clean-up some trash and that is his last job after fixing-up some wires that are strewn around the halls, that is an important job for a lot of people have tripped because of that. Jeff was doing his job normally but at some point however, he realized something and it was a first since he started working there a year ago! And of course it wasn't good.

Jeff just got trapped in the studio and because he knows he is the last person there, he couldn't get help from anybody! He can't get help from the CCTV cameras there too for they are currently under repair and are offline. Jeff must think of something quick and escape from the room without destroying anything, that is kind of hard for the room is sealed and soundproof, which means he can't escape if he doesn't destroy anything. There has got to be another way to escape, that's why you are here escape players! Join Jeff here in the studio and help him to escape without using force. Use all the items you can find and make use of them to escape.

Tv Station Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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