Tutor Escape

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Alberto’s tutor is teaching him a lot of things, it would range from basic school stuff like what is being presented at school, music in many forms, and art also in different forms like fine arts all the way to martial arts. His tutor is basically all around to him and he is learning very much through his teachings, guess his parents have made the right decision for him here, for he is now quite versatile. But there was still one thing though that his tutor was not able to enhance on him, and that is his problem solving skills closely adhering to escape or rescue!

Well nobody can be perfect all the time now, but right-now Alberto is going to really push that for that day he discovered that his tutor is trapped in a room there in his house! And he wasn’t asking for help! Well it looks like he needs it now for he is not succeeding here on his attempt to escape. Okay then, looks like Alberto is up for this now but he doesn’t know if he’ll get this done. Escape players, want to help him on this rescue here for Alberto’s tutor who was trapped in a room there in his house?

Tutor Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.