Turkey Rescue

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Turkeys are once again on the market now for the occasion, Nick managed to get one himself after the supply dropped, so he get his in quite a price but at least it is better than nothing, now he has something to serve to his family. Nick was getting ready with the bird when accidentally, it managed to break free from his grasp! It immediately ran into the forest and my for him, he never really thought a turkey could run very fast! Nick tried to chase it down just to get it quickly before it gets caught in the bear traps there scattered under the brush, but he was too late though for the creature entered into a cage thinking it was safety and now it is trapped. Well at least it’s not a bear trap.

Nick needs to get his Turkey out of there and he needs to do this carefully for even though he knows the trap belongs to his friend, he still needs to set it back again for his friend might lose a potential catch here for the day. Escape players, Nick here needs to do this on his own for calling his friend will take more time, will you be able to help Nick by finding items that can open it carefully?

Turkey Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.