Turkey Jungle Escape Game

Turkey Jungle Escape

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The jungle is the place for adventure. Whenever you seek for thrill, you always go to the jungle. You love to see the wild animals because it makes you test your strength and your logic to survive around them. But the thing is, you don't go to the same jungle twice. You always want a new experience so you went to this unfamiliar jungle. You expect to see animals that you've never seen before but all you can see are turkeys. At first, you found it funny until they started to attack you. They are the wildest animals that you encountered in your entire life. Those turkeys just make you want to escape from this jungle quickly. However, you can't do that in an instant. There are so many puzzles that you have to solve before you can escape.

But you should not worry too much because there are clues that can help you out. Aside from that, there are also objects that you can use for your escape plan. But despite of those clues and items, you still have to use your logic to make your way out of this place. Play Turkey Jungle Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape and escape from those wild turkeys. Good luck!

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