Turkey Escape From House

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Maurice lives in a far-off place here with all his animals and everything that he can live off from. At the moment, everything is indispensable for not only the nearest town is pretty far from where he is, he is only starting to take care of some animals here for consumption, that’s why every single one of them is important for his survival. Maurice have made his house weather proof as well as his pens there for at times mother nature can be very unforgiving in the area. But that day though he discovered something and he began to think that he might have created one of his pens here too tough.

Maurice could not get inside his turkey pen for the door was now jammed! He refuses to believe that though, that’s because for him such a situation is worst already and he’ll have to destroy that door just open it. There is another way however which might solve this, and that is to find the key for it somewhere which he has no exact idea where at the moment. Escape players, Maurice here still has a lot to do for the day and he needs help. Will you be able to help by finding a key to his turkey pen so he can get the animal out and feed it? Go ahead then and be ready with your skills for you will be testing that here.

Turkey Escape From House is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Turkey Escape From House


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