Tunnel Trap 01 Game

Tunnel Trap 01

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Enjoy another rescue escape adventure right-here! Tunnel Trap 01 is the newest point and click city rescue escape game from First Escape Games. Have fun!

The abandoned city is absolutely ruined and at the moment, the place is partially radioactive thanks to the power-plant that had blown-up near it years ago, now it is being monitored constantly to check for fluctuations and other things. One of the teams that checks the place were Jake's, and each month a member of his team must check a specific area in the abandoned city for a few samples of certain stuff and get back to base-camp the quickest. One mission day however, Jake was confronted with a problem and it happened in the wrong time.

Jake's team member was checking a part of the city when along the way, that team member of his got into some trouble by falling into a hole in the ground! Jake received transmission that the hole was pretty deep and he needs immediate assistance. Well, there's no other one who would be responsible for his members here but the leader himself who was Jake. Will Jake be able to get his teammate and of course, safely? Escape players, you are welcome to join in the rescue attempt with Jake in the ruined city, use your skills and logic on this one and may the best of luck be with you!

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