Tumult Villa Escape

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There was this one house in the neighborhood which was very weird, but the place was quite decent though and very bubbly. Well a lot of previous residents there have deemed the place so but all was not able to stay there for more than a month, that’s because something is indeed happening in there which they cannot explain, thus they branded the house as tumultuous. One day, Ashley decided to enter there for she was curious and because there is nobody renting it at the moment, that means there is far less chances she’ll get trouble, well in a sense that she’ll get caught though but in some other ways, she’ll get herself in some trouble in there as she enters.

Ashley got inside and at first it was good, but as she went deeper in the place she is starting to see why they deemed it as confusing, for whenever she turns in a corner she thought she’ll find herself in a room she expected, but no she is in a different room! After continuing to move around, eventually she got lost in there and also a bit trapped, for she couldn’t open some of the doors there! Now Ashley is seeing with her own eyes the complaints of its previous residents, and now she it’s definitely time to leave. Escape players, Ashley is going to escape now for this is not a situation she wants to be in, want to play as Ashley and see if you can all escape the house?

Tumult Villa Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.