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Try To Escape

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The last thing you saw were numerous shadows on the wall before everything went black. It was a cloudless evening. The gentle breeze was blowing some of your hair and you tried to keep them in place. You were walking back towards your house after finishing your overtime tasks. Your boss wanted to make sure that everything was fine before his employees enjoy the holiday. You didn't mind as you needed the extra cash. However, upon stepping out, you realized again why you didn't like overtimes. You usually walk home alone. Taxis were just a waste of money for you. And you could stretch your legs after being cramped for a long time. Then again, you wished some of your office mates would also walk on the same route as yours. But they all went the opposite way. So you just shrugged your worries off.

And just when you did, the situation made you wish you didn't. You saw some shadows on the wall moving towards your direction. You rarely saw anyone at this time in this part of the town. As much as you wanted to postpone your judgment, your instinct came. But it was a little too late. So now you have to try to escape before the strangers come back. Play Try To Escape room escape game by NSR Games.

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