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True Escape

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Santa experienced a real problem as he soars through the sky delivering gifts, for it seems that a strange burst of energy racked the sleigh and the wave knocked a ton of the gifts he was carrying! Santa immediately got concerned for the gifts plunged into a forested area which has a village! He fears that the gifts falls into the wrong persons and unfortunately he must ride the strong wind current first for if he goes against it to retrieve the gifts quickly, there is a high chance the sleigh could break apart. Luckily there was a helper elf stationed in that area and when Santa relayed a message to his home, HQ also relayed it to the helper to come and help.

The helper elf received the message and as quickly as he can, he went outside to collect all of the gifts that had fallen in his area and quickly too, for when Santa finds a slow current which he can ride on so he can land, the elf must be ready to relay him all of the gifts then so he can leave as soon as possible. Escape players, there are a lot of gifts that had fallen in the area and nobody wants to just abandon those, want to help Santa and the helper elf here retrieve all of those gifts?

True Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from First Escape Games. Have fun!

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