Tropical Resort Escape Game

Tropical Resort Escape

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Enjoy an escape adventure here from a room in a beautiful paradise. Tropical Resort Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games. Have fun!

The tropical resort here was once a private island and it's only being slowly renovated to a resort for the public. Only a few people can afford the stay there and from the city, it can be accessed by a yacht or a boat that's not too big for the beach. One of the newest guests there is Emilia and in her three-day stay there, the costly-price she payed was all worth-it. But on the end of her stay however, a tiny situation came-up and it's just a simple problem, but will get worst though if not solved and she knows it.

Escape players, Emilia just got trapped in her own room there for she had lost her keys and to add to the problem, the doors could not mysteriously opened as well! Emilia had already called for help and still nobody would come to assist her, this place is still clearly catching-up from the new guests coming everyday, well she must find her keys and get herself out of there so she can report this happening to the manager. Join in the escape adventure here with Emilia everyone from the beautiful resort. Good luck!

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