Tropical Rainforest Escape Game

Tropical Rainforest Escape
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Davy wants to experience the tropical rain-forest which everybody said was a fantastic place! And indeed it was for after he prepared himself for a week, he finally arrived at the place and definitely the place was untouched. But because it is untouched and the place is located in the far reaches of the mountains, the dangers there are very present for nobody had deemed the place safe yet. Still, Davy went further and just followed the river which he was advised to do, but that proved to be a bad idea though for the river has a lot of splits and the terrain just keeps going-up!

The only thing that is calming Davy at the moment is the sight of the beautiful falls, but that cannot help him with his problem right-now and there is a chance he'll have to camp here if he could not find his way back! Davy needs to find his way for he thinks he had now gone too far from the inhabited area. Escape players, will you be able to help Davy here escape for now so he can return to the safety of the settlements he had been before?

Tropical Rainforest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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