Tricks 2 - 02 Game

Tricks 2 - 02

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You have decided to leave that place which were only just stories but you did went into that cave near that house, that was enough however to start another adventure for when you successfully escaped from it on the other side, you got yourself in another forest area and there is no turning-back now knowing that there will be more traps there that hadn't sprung. It's another weird place however, for along the beaten path of that wilderness, there are random objects scattered around and you thought doesn't anybody pass here and gather the items? Maybe it's for you and if so, be careful for it might be another trap if you touch anything there.

Escape players, want to try this 2nd sequel here where you have to be clever so you can escape without so much as a scratch? Go ahead then, use your skills and logic so you can decide on where to go and be cautious of manipulating things here, for there might be a reason why nobody touches them.

Check-out another escape adventure here on this series. Tricks 2 - 02 is the newest point and click escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a continuation from the first game as the start of the series.

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