Tribe Old Man Escape Game

Tribe Old Man Escape

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There is a tribe in the wilderness and indigenous people live there, aside from them however there is another small settlement and an old man lives there who was also a part of that tribe. He had isolated himself from the tribe for in his mind he wanted to be alone and feel nature even more, he can only get that when he is alone and that is why he is there. One day, Tomak went to the place where the man was just to check how he is, as an indigenous person himself, he needs to look-out for anyone especially those who are elderly. Well he was right that he went there, for he found the man actually trapped in his own home and he needs help!

It is a good thing Tomak arrived, for anymore days that he didn't then the man could have been taken by the great spirit in the sky. Tomak will surely help the man here and quickly for he might be starving now and his diluted strength might also be giving him less chance of prying his door open. Escape players, are you young and strong like Tomak here? No need if you're not for you only have to use the best of your skills and logic for this rescue.

Tribe Old Man Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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