Tribe Hunter Escape Game

Tribe Hunter Escape

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The forest near the tribe is not a very merciful place and they know it's not easy to venture in there, that's why they have men to do that and that includes their chief. One of the tribe-members who are skilled with the forest are the hunters and they are the next in the chain of suppliers for food in the place, the main one is the forest itself. That day, one of the hunters went for a hunt because their ritual night is coming-up and they needed boar for that. Hours passed though but still the hunter hasn't returned yet, that's why the chief sent one of the warriors to see if he is still good, and that person was Dax.

Dax is also skilled in the forest but is not as good as the hunters, he is more on defending the people and helping on the constructions. A while passed and still Dax could not find that hunter, he is starting to get concerned but not all the way though for all he knows, he might already be back in the village waiting for him. Escape players, still Dax must continue for he is not hearing the signal yet that he must return, the hunter is still out there so will you join him on this potential rescue? Go ahead then and be ready for a save.

Tribe Hunter Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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