Tribal Trap Escape Game

Tribal Trap Escape

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You grew up watching tribal dances during city fiesta. Your father used to accompany you in searching for the right spots so you could see the performances. You used to be afraid of the dancers. They had black stuffs on their bodies coupled with bright headdresses and costumes. Every movement of their performance told stories of the old times. You only began to appreciate their dances when you were older. The city fiesta usually dedicates only a day for the tribal theme celebration. Most of the time, people were busy with street parties. But this year's celebration was a bit different. They city dedicated a wide land for the tribal-themed park. Seeing the area made you excited. You couldn't wait to enter the area and discover more about the first people in your city. It was actually your uncle who ordered for such a place to be set up.

However, he may have forgotten to tell you about the tribal traps and tricks hidden there. He wasn't around when you entered so nobody warned you. You enjoyed your time exploring it until you realized you couldn't find the way out wherever you went. Play Tribal Trap Escape outdoor escape game NSR Games

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