Tribal Caveman Escape Game

Tribal Caveman Escape

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All your life, you've been living in the cave with your tribe. It was alright for you at first. But as time goes by, you realized that the world is too big to stay inside the cave. With that, you decided to leave the cave and your tribe to meet other people. When you went to the city, you thought that it would just be easy. What you didn't know is that, it would be a big adjustment to you. Back in your cave, you just sit there and make a fire using sticks. But now, you have a stove in your house and you don't even know how to open. Also, you miss your tribe so much. You really want to go back but first, you have to find a way to escape from the room. You moved into this apartment but it didn't feel home.

Because of that, you have to find the quickest way so you can go back to your tribe. Since you are having a hard time opening the door, you have to look for clues and items that can help you out. Tribal Caveman Escape is the newest room escape game by 8b Games. Best of luck!

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