A classy bedroom can be seen in Trianbutane.


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Have you ever heard of a green cat? There’s one so unique that one would think he’s been dyed that way. Trianbutane is a cat born out of an experiment. He has green colored chlorophyll in his veins that can only be found in plants. Trianbutane loved to go outside and play rather than laze around. Sometimes, Trianbutane hides under the bushes in the garden. Mr. Gary Simmons, Trianbutane’s owner, let’s him out of the house in the dead of the night so he that Trianbutane could sleep in the garden.

Probably Trianbutane’s favorite thing around the property is the oak tree that’s older than everybody in the house. The green cat almost does not come home because he treats the tree as his own home. As a result, no birds nor squirrels ever come to play on the tree.  Mr. Simmons loves bird watching and this gave him a predicament. He took Trianbutane inside the house and forbade him to climb the oak tree. He must find a way to escape the house so he can go back to his lovely oak tree once more.

Trianbutane is a new Escape Fan game developed by Ainars! Your objective is to help the green Trianbutane get out of this house. Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Trianbutane

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