Trials 02 Game

Trials 02

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Enjoyed the first trial? How about another one escape players! Here is a second trial and the location is, a village in the desert. Trials 02 is a brand new point and click town escape game from 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

Edgar have escaped from his trial in the tunnels where he got lost, that's thanks to you everyone but this time there is another situation with someone else and it's not a good place to be as well. Andres was on his journey to a village in the desert and he knows very well that his visit in the place will bring-in more produce to them for he has a lot of important provisions in his cargo, that makes his trip there very important. A few hours of traveling in the dry and heat, Andres finally arrives and when he entered the place, he did not expect what he had found there.

The village was completely devoid of people! And aside from what's left there especially the stone houses, some of the everyday items used by the people have scattered across the road. Something must have happened here and because Andres was getting concerned of his life, he'll have to leave now, but first he must find anything that can give him a clue on what happened so he can also tell everyone back home. Escape players, you all ready for a 2nd trial here with Andres? Try to find anything here in the abandoned village and leave while you still can.

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