Trenton Game


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You lived a few hours away from Trenton, New Jersey where your cousin resided. He used to visit you every summer vacation. Then you would go to the beach or to the playground and just hang out. However, as you both grew up and became busy with school, visits became fewer. There was a time that you only saw each other through a web cam during holidays. Your mother promised you to visit them during breaks. But even breaks were still full of stuffs to do. Your cousin's birthday was coming up and it coincided with your break. You asked your mom if you could go there by yourself. She told you to inform your cousin so he would fetch you from the station. Your visit would be a surprise but your mom didn't trust your sense of direction. So she ended up accompanying you.

You spent your days catching up with each other. Then your mother received a call which prompted her to return earlier. You followed two days after. But instead of finding yourself at the station, you found yourself wandering around hoping your feet would lead you home safely. Play Trenton room escape game by Hooda Math.

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