Trekking Boy Escape Game

Trekking Boy Escape

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With the heat beating down on the city, you thought of trekking with your neighbor. There was a place with thick trees where the air was still cool despite the heat. So you prepared all the stuffs you would be needing for a trek there the next morning. Just then, the doorbell rang and your neighbor stood at your doorstep. He was asking about the iced candy you made last summer. He said he was craving for some and thought maybe you could teach him how to do it. His timing was perfect as you were making some. You let him help you for him to know the process. Then your conversation was focused on the place you would be visiting. He seemed interested and kept on asking many questions. He was helpful enough that you didn't hesitate in inviting him to trek with you.

His eyes lit up and he immediately said yes. The sun was just too harsh on the city and the nature could certainly bring some relief. You would be picking him up at his house the next morning. Then morning came and you went to his house before the sun had fully risen. But you just saw him through the window and you somehow knew what was happening. Play Trekking Boy Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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