Tree House Resort Escape Game

Tree House Resort Escape

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A resort in the tropics was very different and that's why Bridgette really went there to visit it and try the place out for herself. The houses there where the guests stays are all made above the trees! But don't get it wrong too for the house is not crude at all and the rooms are quite luxurious. Bridgette is witnessing it all as she arrives at the place and she even acquired the most expensive tree room there just to really get a full experience of her stay. Everything was good and Bridgette would not want anything except a bad thing happening, but sadly she got that as well.

Bridgette was somehow trapped in the room for now she could no longer open the door! She also tried the phone to call for assistance but it seems that the thing is down and how is she going to get some help here now? Bridgette is in a situation which she doesn't know how to solve, but will you help her out escape players? For she really can't escape from the window there, or risk falling from a height.

Tree House Resort Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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