Tree House Escape Game

Tree House Escape

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Tree House Escape is new escape game developed by 3csgames. Imagine you are an enthusiastic hiker who had been travelling around the country for years, exploring new places and breathtaking landscapes. One day you and your family decided to visit a famous place together which was notorious from its giant ancient trees. When you arrived all of your regards were concentrated on these wonders of the nature. You were walking amongst them for hours when suddenly you glanced a small hut which was built onto the top of one tree. You started to climb up and a couple of minutes later you reached it. Getting inside the small house you realized it was uninhabitad, just some bird was resting there. You wanted to get out again to report it for your family but found the door of the hut locked however you hadn't even shut it coming inside. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape. Have fun!



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