Treasure Trove Escape From Toon House Game

Treasure Trove Escape From Toon House

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The old house located in some far off place at least from the city, is not just a secret one filled with mystery, but it's also a place possessing some amount of treasure nobody was able to get! Well nobody was able to for the place alone was hard to find and some even doubt it even exists. One thing that's convincing them it's not real though is that the place is said to be cartoon-like! How in the world would people even visualize that? One of those skeptics was Hudson, but he is not the type of guy who would just rely on his skepticism fully, he would try to prove that what he is not believing in is not real. But boy for this one however, it really proved him wrong.

Hudson was on his adventure on the search for that said house, he was not at all optimistic if he can find it but when he did, he thought the place was just a normal house. Hudson knocked on the door but there was no answer, so he decided to just enter for the door was open but when he saw the inside, he realized it was the place for the interior was cartoon-like! Hudson almost fell to his feet, but what will he do now though? He needs to find that treasure then for this might be his only chance! Escape players, want to play as Hudson here and see if you can find that said hidden treasure in the place? Be very careful then for the house might not be what it is and is a private property.

Treasure Trove Escape From Toon House is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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