Treasure Hunter Pirate Ship Escape Game

Treasure Hunter Pirate Ship Escape

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The hunter's pirate ship was once a notorious thing in the seas plundering and hunting different ships as they go, but that was a long time ago and what's on the docks now is just a big replica, but it is one creepy thing still for some of the items in there are from the original ship and were only salvaged and refitted in there. That could be a huge source for haunting there or something, but for you however those are just a big source of income especially if sold in the black market! Also to add, there are indeed actual treasure hidden in the place and that was a great factor for you to visit the ship but not on a legal time however.

Now you are on the ship without anybody knowing for you moved like a ninja in the shadows, it is time to find that treasure now which could just be as good as rumors, if so then you can just target the ancient objects there as your plunder. Escape players, are you ready to join in the repossession mission here like a real pirate? Do not stay comfortable there now, for there are guards roaming around.

Treasure Hunter Pirate Ship Escape is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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