Travelogue Escape

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As a traveler to different places, Pancho have experienced many things in his whereabouts around the world, but no other experience would prepare him as he stay in a cheap room which was rumored to be filled with mysteries. Pancho did not expect the room to be harmful though, his concern was his budget and because he really had no other choice, he chose to stay in the place. The room was small but it had everything he needed for his short stay, at first everything was fine too until, a strange aura enveloped him and from there he really wanted to get out! But unfortunately he couldn’t.

Pancho is really desperate to escape the place for this is really warping his mind and he can’t take it anymore! Escape players, Pancho is going to need some help here right-now. Will you be able to give him a hand here so he can escape? Quickly then for Pancho’s thinking is slipping and you need to get him out in any way possible before it does. Come and test your skills here then and see if it’ll work under pressure.

Travelogue Escape is an old room escape game converted to HTML5. Explore the room and do whatever it takes to escape! Come and test this game here as one of the successors of flash.