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Travel Trailer Rescue
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You and your business partner wanted to make sure everything was settled before opening business. Your business partner was actually your friend. You knew him since you were in primary school. He was always an entrepreneur even at a young age. However, you were always on the buying side. You didn't have much sense in business back then. And you weren't the vocal type. So you thought that business wouldn't be suited for you. But your friend opened some possibilities for you. You didn't have to do many interactions with people. Your friend could handle that for the both of you. Then again, you could still help in funding the business you were putting up together. You find this setting much more convenient for you. So you agreed with him with the deal of laying everything out clearly. You thought of a trip to focus on your agenda.

But someone must have heard of your plans. You were placing some chairs and a table outside of the trailer for you to discuss your business. You waited for your friend to step out so you could start. However, half an hour already passed and he was still not around. You entered the trailer to find your friend gone. Play Travel Trailer Rescue outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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