Trapped Wardboy Escape Game

Trapped  Wardboy  Escape

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Trapped Wardboy Escape is the newest point and click building rescue escape game from WoW Escape for more dose of fun and daring rescues with us. Have fun!

The hospital is on its full-house that day. As a nurse, Miranda was absolutely exhausted through the day but when night came, everything calmed, but Miranda is still seeing ghostly movement in the corner of her eyes though, one symptom of exhaustion, but she still has an hour of duty left and when that is done, well she just wants it to be done so she can get home soon. Little did she know there's going to be another hustle there for somebody needs help!

Every staff in the hospital is exhausted thanks to the tough day that had passed, that includes ward-boys who has various jobs to fulfill in the wards which was currently full. There was this one who was extra exhausted for when he was through it, he got accidentally trapped somewhere in the rooms of the hospital and the only clue Miranda got was the radio in the station where somebody is calling for help! Miranda is the only stationed nurse at the moment, her first companion will be there an hour later but that's too much time to get some help. Escape players, want to join Miranda here for the rescue on the trapped ward-boy somewhere in the hospital? Go ahead then everyone, good luck on your rescue adventure in the halls of the building.


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