Trapped Pony Escape

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Another adventure was asked of Milo who was the protector of the land. As always when he got this, he will set out for not only that he had vowed and made it his word to make this place better and better, one of his friends in the plains was actually in trouble! Milo’s friends are mostly the magical ponies in the fields and they help him at times thwart evil that would come. They may look helpless and colorful, but they can give quite a punch when they are being oppressed. But that day though one of them was in trouble and what’s holding it was magic!

Milo then knew that this would not be easy to solve, for it’s magic and Milo can only offer force and technique through means of weapons and he has no magic at all. Milo will have help though on this rescue, and that is from you escape players. Will you be able to help Milo here face whatever the problem is here? Be ready with whatever you have then, for magic is hard to fight but not impossible for the likes of the unskilled.

Trapped Pony Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Trapped Pony Escape

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