Trapped Little Boy Escape Game

Trapped Little Boy Escape

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The forest is definitely a strange place and it's not for everyone to just wander around into and have a fun time. The place is filled with secrets and mysteries that it's enough for people to get lost in there, a lot of them have and that's why the people in the nearby town warned against traveling there. Still people at times stumble in there and one day, the sheriff of the town received a report that a kid went missing in there. The sheriff who was Samson blew a sigh for he had done everything he could to cordon the place but still, people just continues to goes in there. He really should request caging the place this time so that nobody would enter there anymore, but first he needs to find that kid for as a sheriff, he should be the first responder and must do his job.

Samson didn't want to go in there for he has his fair-share of weirdness from the place, but a kid's life needs saving here and whatever the cost, the kid must return to his or her family safely. Escape players, you will now be playing as Samson here and you will be facing the forest's illusions and mysteries in the process. But will you still be able to get the kid though somewhere there before the light from the sun disappears?

Trapped Little Boy Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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